Jim Dissette and Chester River Press

Jim Dissette started letterpress printing in the mid-1980s while attending graduate school at the University of Oregon. Combined with his interest in classical and contemporary literature, he has sought to design and publish literary works of merit. Over the years he has designed books and other printed materials for various presses including The Washington College Literary House Press, Yale University, The University of Las Vegas, The University of Kansas, and others. In 2004 he was a co-founder of The Chester River Press on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and continues to design books for the trade.

While living in Michigan—and still working with Chester River Press— Jim worked with Chad Pastotnik at Deep Wood Press to create limited editions of The Chesapeake Voyages of Capt. John Smith and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, among others.They recently completed a limited edition of Moon As Bright As Water: Seventeen Poems by Qin Guan, working in tandem with Jim in Maryland and Chad in Michigan.

Mad Parrot Press was created to identify the ongoing collaboration of the two printers. The Wind in the Willows will be their first imprint.